Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


True, true. What about the pesto tho?


That needs a slap too if deployed in an unsuitable environment e.g. not on pizza/pasta but on a fried breakfast or as an ice-cream flavour. However, as slapping pesto is a futile task the deployer/hipster should be subject to severe disciplinary measures (slap followed by removal of beard and tattoos with potato peeler).


Never mind prawn sandwiches, the Old Trafford event catering includes sun dried tomatoes and rocket.


Saltburn Little Chef

Crab Bisque

Belly Pork

Creme Brulee with a very intense Orange Sorbet that was delish but looked like some kind of flesh egg.


Fantastic. Crab bisque is just lovely.


crab bisque, belly pork and creme brulee… in in in…a Little Chef !!!

Yeah right…we believe you :roll_eyes:


where’s that then?


It used to have Michelin stars when Peter Gorton was there but it’s still pretty good.


A quick prawn curry


Quite a long but worthwhile read on why bacon is pink & how producers have long known that using carcinogenic nitrites to produce it is not a good idea.

The good news is that you can buy bacon & ham produced without nitrites & that sausages (as an uncured item) are relatively healthy. :+1:


Pah, who wants to live forever anyway?

This might send you straight to the oncology ward in one serving




It’s at the knife not the bacon


It’s sending the one in blue somewhere else by the look of it.



mmmmmm…Ribena !!




That’s rather decadent in the afternoon :heart_eyes:


Welshcakes on st David’s day.

When I eventually get around to coming to a bake off I’ll bring a box of homemade ones.


I fancy some buttered bara brith!