Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Gingerbread lady from the butchers. The ladies are more gingery apparently. Bloody good with a cuppa.


Lamb pilaf cabbage and caraway seed


Those soft cheeses look in a fantastic state, ready to crawl off the plate!


It’s Baron Bigod Brie. Made with raw milk in Suffolk. Best I’ve had.


Today’s ‘snow in’ will be a steak/pheasant and guiness pie with home made pastry…

Now just out of the oven


And leftovers :+1:


Mashup of 1970s-style and supposedly-authentic-style Spag Bol - served with round spag too…

couldn’t be arsed to take a pic


Pizza over t’road at t’pub :+1:


I don’t know what Starbucks put in that yoghurt, but you want more of them.






Just cooked an enormous fry-up featuring these Alpine Fries cooked in the oven in place of hash browns. Like potato-crack.




£12.50 per kilo (for potatoes)


We didn’t buy them.


Result then :+1:


Tea and cake in a place where time has stood still


Homemade waffles with sweet roasted grapes, bacon, Greek yogurt and maple syrup. Lovely.


Pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce. Knocked up a quick tomato sauce using some left over red wine from a couple of nights ago, and meatballs are Aldi or something left over from the kids tea :stuck_out_tongue:


Mexican tortilla bake :stuck_out_tongue:


Brighton - Chilli Pickle