Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Home made prawn toast and salt and chilli squid.




Dunno, the ingredients are printed too small and not very contrasty for my aging eyes to decipher.


Maybe there’s dog shins in it?


A bit, but I’m a fairly immune to spice heat, so probably the correct answer is, yes, quite spicy indeed.


Actually I just looked it up and it seems that although the soup is entirely Korean the word Shin is the Chinese character for ‘spicy’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_Ramyun. So that’s ‘Gourmet Spicy Spicy Cup noodle soup’ then. I guess that explains why it was spicy.



I refer the Honourable Gentleman to my previous answer. :grinning:


The Wiki piece says

In China, Nongshim uses a slogan: 사나이라면 매운맛을 먹을 줄 알아야지 (Traditional Chinese: 吃不了辣味非好漢; Translation: (He who cannot handle spice is not a true man).

We ended up in an Indian restaurant near Stockport last Saturday and, partly in response to a challenge by my brother-in-law, I ate half of the dried chili that turned up as a garnish on top of the chick peas. Bad mistake. Very bad.



I did that whilst in Uni in front of an Indian girl I fancied. Nearly blew my head off, sweating and crying (almost).


Such chili willy waving is never a good idea. I have witnessed a few acts of this folly. It does not end well for the participant(s) but is highly amusing for any witnesses.


True. I thought I handled it not too badly. My b-i-l (bastard) still had beer left, whereas I’d moved onto the wine by this stage. But I didn’t reach across the table and grab his pint. Instead I just stuffed my face with rice and set about dealing with my streaming eyes and nose. I really was crying.

Then again I sank my fair share of Coco’s ‘just one chili’ chili at Jim’s last summer. If there really was just one in that cauldron then the Stockport one was tame indeed.



Pie night was extended for a second night down at The Ship - so yes, appearances are correct: I ate ALL the (home-made game) pies (with mash and lovely fresh veg) and bashed it down my gizzard with a variety of ales - gert lush! Slightly trollied now, truth be told…



Aw, bless, being Strine I guess even the most blatant of understatement is lost on yer… :hushed:


tea cakes, salted butter with a coffee


Stornoway black and white pudding, scrambled eggs from our friends’ extremely free-range chooks, tinned plum tomatoes and crumpets - soaked in the tomato juice. Nommage! :drooling_face:


I’m really into tinned tomato :tomato: on toast with a poached egg :fried_egg: on the other sprinkled with salt and black pepper. Simple but lovely


Lovely! Hugely-underrated things tinned toms. :ok_hand:

My grandad used to have a plate of them with vinegar and white pepper to accompany fried sprats - still love that combo today (if you can find sprats of course!).


Half Man! Half Burger! ‘Electric Beerland.’


Haha - the cheese is trying to suffocate the lettuce :laughing:


I did think the cheese was oozing in a particularly unlovely looking way. But I’m sure it tastes good.