Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


It’s a beer-cheese sauce. Very good. Dessert was adequate too; chocolate peanut caramel crumble pie

I did share, honest!


Fool. Why?


Guilt, in more ways than one…


Thai Red Curry…



Italian meatballs in a tomato based sauce on spaghetti. Made enough for two meals (for two) and froze one portion. Bloody delicious.

I should have taken a pic, but forgot, I’ll take one when we use the rest.

This is the quite simple recipe (I halved the ingredients)



When Pete and I sat down in the Turan this evening, an old biddy at the next table leaned over and asked if we were related :flushed: why the fuck would she think that :wink:


I told her he was my dad. She seemed to think it was plausible. :flushed:


Prolly hoping for a daddy-bear/baby-bear spitroast :+1:



Jealousy is a terrible thing




She was probably trying to work out if you two were partners or not. :scream:



Looks nice.

Remember Jim you can’t out train your diet :weight_lifting_man:️‍♂️


Lose the bread, sausages, bacon and hash browns, add some smoked salmon.




FFS Bob! It’s Sunday morning! :roll_eyes:

Sunday morning = fry-up :heart_eyes:


Less tomato, more Black Pudding :heart_eyes:


Meh. No pesto :upside_down_face:


Replace the toast with a couple of choc chip HCBs :+1: