Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


BBQ’d whole chicken legs. Served with goose fat roasties and carrots, stir fried kale and courgettes.


Tonight is “kid’s request night”, so we are having the delicate combination of burgers, pesto pasta, sweetcorn, grated carrot, cucumber and parmesan.


Being in London touring hospitals, I decided to have a super healthy M&S super food salad thing for lunch.

Now I’m fucking hungry.


Probably about 350 cals, so your body is now wondering where the balance of 1000 cals you normally chow on at lunch are going to come from :nerd_face:


Yeah, gonna find a café and have some fucking cake


HCB’s surely?


I’ve found a hipster café that only does shit-looking cakes. The Saksuka looks good, so I might come back next time.


Provided they serve it up on an authentic dried Mongolian Yak dung platter or a Zildjan cymbal then it should be ok. If it comes on a plate, walk away.


Failing that, cake served on the floor, with some kind of bourgeois flavoured custard on top, with no spoon. Bon appetit motherfucker.


Fatty loves hotdogs, home alone treat


Fried onions missing fail :slightly_smiling_face:


Wrong, keep your vegan didactic off my meat no veg dinner, onions is a side or preference…


Ooh, get you!


Oh dear, that’s not tomato ketchup is it? If it is, are you eight years old? If not, please ignore :slightly_smiling_face:


Look closer …I’m nine


Ah yes, upon closer inspection acceptable. But I’m keeping an eye on you.
Really should have onion though, raw or fried.
And crisps on the side.


Clip Klopp clip Klopp



And Rémoulade - a good HD is a 3-sauce affair.


Nigel Slaters smoked mackerel fishcakes followed by