Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Tasty though.


Sopa de castanas

Chestnut and chorizo soup
With Sundays cider bread


Roasted chicken with all the trimmings etc :heart_eyes:


This was posted on an Oz page on the Book of Faeces…

While the northern hemisphere has only recently (last 10 years) caught onto the idea of a decent burger, I grew up in the 70s eating these.


Known as a Zen Burger because it was ‘One with everything’. My favourite burger joint in Melbourne (Danny’s on St Georges Rd in North Fitzroy) used to put fairly hot mustard on the bottom bun as a rule.

Can’t say I could be arsed with the egg and pineapple though.


Nup! All in or nowt !


Not at all, I hardly ever see them offered these days. Were quite trendy in the 80’s though :man_dancing:


Fookin’ 'ell !
I used to drive from Adelaide to have one of their burgers :grin:


You do live in the Home Counties, right ?


No but perhaps I should.


Every pizza bar ever :unamused:


Proper night out was eleventy pots in the Newry on St Georges Road opposite the old Oval that Fitzroy used to play on, then on to the Parkview hotel (possibly via Haskins) for a few more before a burger at Danny’s and a blind stumble home to North Fitzroy.

They had renovated/gentrified/fucked up nearly all the hostelries mentioned above before I left in 2011. Feck knows how awful they all are now. I wonder if Danny’s is gone.


Still there…


Ha ha ha, reserve a table at Danny’s.

Pull up a stool to the formica counter and be abused by Elvis, the Elvis impersonator as he makes your dinner. No fecking tables in the joint the last time I was there. I hope they haven’t fucked the place up, or painted it, or changed anything whatsoever…

EDIT: looks like they’ve painted a bit of it red and Elvis’s quiff has receded, but otherwise unchanged


Prices have changed. $A20 for a “double with the lot” these days :roll_eyes:


$6 for a coffee, and/or a pot around there now. Madly expensive.


Troo dat :disappointed:


Tonight we had a piece of hot-smoked salmon that has achieved the uttermost perfection of its kind - and I have eaten such things many times. It was served with buttery mash made from the last of the Picasso potatoes, plus locally grown carrots and leeks, quickly boiled - dressed with nothing more than crispy leek shreds, black pepper and salted butter.

The Salmon came from here: http://www.smithssmokery.co.uk/ - and I can’t recommend it too much.

Smoked eel next - had it many times in Scandinavia where they Get it - so I have high hopes: the fens are natural eel country.


Oooh, I love smoked eel. Narelle on the other hand :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sam is sceptical, but I’m confident she’ll be converted once she tries it - truly wonderful stuff!

Smiths do mail order, so you could get a hefty eel for you (fnarr!) and a nice trout for Lady Oz - accompanied with a side order of cannibalism-themed pisstaking, natch…