Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I’ve just had a massive bag of Spars version of salt and vinegar chipsticks. With a mayo and Encona hot pepper sauce dip.


Natch :+1:


Kettle crisps


The creme de la creme of standard crisps. Far crisper than ordinary ready salted.


I’m just about old enough to remember those from the first time around.



If anyone does any asian cooking this fish sauce is bloody good but difficult to get in the UK, just had an email saying he has some in stock again.


Then a walnut salad

Some mushrooms in cheese

A spicy Adana for me and and an aubergine in yoghurt shish for the wife…

Stuffed and looking for a hookah


Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, (I could go on) rare sirloin steak with triple cooked chips and Asian slaw :+1:


But not as far as blue? How does that work?


It was unevenly cut. My piece was black and blue. Narelle’s was black and very rare.
I loved mine. Narelle would have preferred it slightly longer on the grill.


Lentil and vegetable cobbler, with creamed corn and garlic bread


I bought some fish sauce in Phu Quoc. The island is based on the production of fish sauce. I visited the factory and bought some there after a tour. It was frightening when my name was called over the tannoy at Phi Quoc airport and I was summoned to see some customs officers stood over my case. The officers spoke no English but talked loudly and gesticulated towards my case. Thoughts of the Bangkok Hilton raced through my mind. I opened my bag and it then became clear that the fish sauce was contraband. It was immediately confiscated. I wished they’d told me of the rule that you couldn’t take it in the plane at the factory.


And yet, I have taken local fish sauce (made in Mae Sai) on board from Chiang Rai International without the customs officers batting an eyelid :grin:


Never have these sorts of problems taking it home from Asda.


Just home from lunch at The Red Lion Pub & Kitchen (oh, how I loath that epithet) in Blewbury.
To start, Narelle had Crispy Squid with chilli Mayo and I had Lamb Sweetbreads with mushroom/mustard/cream sauce (which was divine).
We both settled on the Sunday Roast Special; Pork Belly with all the trimmings (including the best Yorkshires I’ve had in years).
The serves were decent and the food excellent.
While it is over modernised inside, the service and value was superb.


Me too


Tonight slow cooked beef shin in red wine and stock, with anchovy scones on top.

Side dish of spring greens with gsrlic, and a Dijon mustard and creme fresh sauce


Roast pork, crackling, hassleback potato and all the trimmings.


Cockpunch for desert sir? :slight_smile:


Declined. It’s not coleslaw due to the Asian flavourings.
Better luck next time :smirk: