Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?




Green curry with chicken, pea Aubergines and baby aubergine.


As summer has arrived I’ve gone with a more traditional number


Baby plum tomatoes rather than cherry? Very adventurous.


Do the cheese gratings fall in exactly the same way every day ? If they don’t have you ever wondered if there might be messages concerning the future hidden in the pattern ?

Just a thought …



After the Talk Sport shock earlier I now feel slightly calmer …


Have you ever been tempted by any of Uncle Ben’s other exotica or are you duty bound to stick with the spicy mexican?


I was always taught master one dish at a time. Have been on this for 5 years and think I’ve nearly cracked it. I know how those samurai sword makers must have felt.


Because fuck you


Looks awesome but how the fuck do you go about eating a thing like that?


Adam and the MOAB.


I had the combo - wings, ribs and briskett :heart_eyes:


Have you seen the size of his mouth? Kein problem.


We’re in the Red Dog Saloon :smile:


Gits ! All of you !!


Contented, full up gits !


That doesn’t make it right :frowning:


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You have just made me very hungry.