Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Brilliant burgers, try the Ninja Wings.


Last one of what Matt brought round earlier. Bloody lovely


Where’s the butter?


Don’t use it on scones. I’m somewhat of a trail blazer when it comes to food :shallow_pan_of_food:


I had noticed.


They still look amazing.


Almost looks like Jam before cream there. Tell me it’s not true!


You could have used the rest of that spread I allegedly brought round.


I always put the jam first


Don’t pick old scabs. I had to wrap the tub in bin liners in case the dustman saw we had marge


It’s OK*, because of Devon reasons.

  • only OK for Devon, not anywhere else.


Someone should tell @Adpully. He could be innocently sitting in a cafe near his new address and get lynched by the locals…


Coffee and walnut cake.


My fave!


Mine too, my grandmother used to make.


It’s a classic, and rightly so. I’d put it on a par with a Victoria sponge. Lemon drizzle cake is also excellent.


I love coffee (black).
I love cake.

Coffee cake is revolting. In fact, anything coffee-flavoured is rank. Putting milk in coffee renders it unfit for consumption.


Weirdo :slight_smile:


Why thank you!


I love coffee cake. Coffee ice cream is a favourite of mine.

I can’t stand coffee.