Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?




Coffee is wonderful, coffee cake less so.


Everything is lovely :+1:


Coffee is wonderful. So is cake. And walnuts.


Dinner tonight;
Me: Asparagus, poached duck egg.
Narelle: Mackeral fillet with beetroot puree
Me: Ox cheek with Dauphinoise and artichoke puree
Narelle: Lamb rump with sauteed new potatoes.
Me: Ginger sponge with Creme Anglais
Narelle: Cheese


Thanks I now have the munchies


Is lamb rump what used to be known (and still is by me) as a chump chop? :thinking:


possibly. It has always been my understanding that they are effectively the same cut, but a chump chop still has the bone in, and a rump steak hadn’t. Although I think the term rump is being used more often, as the consumer is more likely to understand what it is and which part of the lamb it comes from.


Eh, I don’t know much about sheep anatomy, but even I know they don’t have chops in their backside…:thinking:


My father was a butcher and we had chump chops until I was sick of the sight of them. I don’t remember them having bones in them :thinking:




Currently making currywurst Schell imbiss stylee


Spicy, Asian flavoured chicken pot roast with goosey pots. Hybrid meal FTW :+1:



Apt. Sam’s drunkenly decided to cook… She’s actually hugely capable, but highly unpredictable - apart from the mess - should take me the rest of the week to get cleaned-up…


Stuffed and rolled belly pork with all the trimmings.

I too am now stuffed, and so full that I may also be rolled.


I have the asymetrical outlook…


Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup.


Green curry. Beef lok lak. Vietnamese stir fry.