Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Pork belly cooked in the oven then finished on t’BBQ. Served with goosey pots/carrots and stri-fried cabbage flavoured with cumin, caraway and mustard seeds.


Home made pizza. Strong cheddar, spring onion, red birds-eye chilli, bacon, bbq chicken and chorizo.


BBQ’d sirloin steak with potato escalopes and coleslaw. Sat in the garden to eat. Roll on the weekend.




Indeed it should be parmesan all over & big, torn up lumps of mozzarella.


Took delivery of half a pig yesterday. It lived a free range life on Fetlar and we had it butchered after it was slaughtered.

Tried some of the sausages for breakfast this morning and they were delicious. We’re roasting half a leg tomorrow for dinner, can’t wait!


Glad you did it that way round, bit mean to old porky if butchered first. :grinning:


Mozzafuckingrella :grimacing: pizzas should have flavour, that bland, rubbery nonsense doesn’t have any


That there is a fair point, delivered with clarity and passion.


More like. Baked cheddar is rong in all cases.


Yes but cheddar is the wrong flavour.


That abomination needs pineapple!:+1:


Perhaps it’s a Marmite thing ?



Want to do this for breakfast, probably Monday


What flavour would Sir like his CHEESE ?


Parmesan? Gran Padano? ParmReg? Lots of options that don’t result in a melted ploughman’s.


Pizza needs goats cheese and gorgonzola.


Parmesan has the flavour but melted mozzarella on pizza is also a fine thing whereas cheddar? Just no.

Good cheddar you wouldn’t waste to melt on a pizza and shit supermarket cheddar is just the wrong choice


Cheddar on a pizza isn’t a pizza, it’s half a toasted cheese sandwich.

Silly boy.


Pizza is an Italian open toasted sandwich! Who knew!

Thank you for stating the blindingly fucking obvious :roll_eyes: