Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?




So much fail in a six word post (unless the word ‘never’ was due to feature as the second word but fell off your sentence).


Looks great !


The Right Stuff


No pesto = extremely disappointing. I’d send it back and ask to speak to the chef. :slight_smile:

Also… I’m with Jim on the pizza thing.


Alas, the pesto cupboard was bare :frowning_face:

Jim’s pizza looks epic, bet it tasted epic too.


You fucking pesto freaks make the whole Cheese Question fade into insignificance - 20 minutes each for you in the Slap-Yourself-Silly-Machine :man_judge:


Except it’s not. That’s where you’ve been going rong :man_facepalming:







Bbq skewers - harrisa lamb, honey chicken and chilli and pesto halloumi.



Beer Can chicken, coleslaw, cucumber & radish salad :+1:


Me too :+1:




What is the charcoal you are using?
The ‘restaurant grade’ stuff i have been using recently is a bit hit and miss size wise.


Messing about in the music room and starting to see some good progress.

Roasted half a leg from the pig we recently got our hands on and had Yorkshire puds, mashed spuds, swede and carrots with a very nice gravy. Delish! The pork was amazing and the crackling was as sweet as I’ve ever tasted.


Big K restaurant grade is one of the best. I ordered the last large bag off eBay.


Could be a collector’s item one day.


Cracking lunch of



a fried egg and lots of fresh crusty bread from the bakers

Would definitely have again, which is good because I made enough to freeze a couple of lunches worth :+1: