Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Is the tray underneath purely to catch the fat or does it have other purposes?

More “home grown” eggies today, this time in the form of a variation upon Salade Niçoise - not all Salad needs to be Dodged… :drooling_face:


It keeps the juices from flaring and ultimately cooling the coals, plus you put water/beer in there to steam the meat.


Amen and Hallelujah to that !!!


Buffalo wings :smiley:


Bloody lovely with a G+T.


BBQ’s sirloin, snags, coleslaw, potato salad and 2hr pickled cucumbers.


Fig and date Balsamic vinegar syrup on top of Kelly’s Clotted Cream icecream :+1:


Spicy bird tacos, mushroom tacos and chipotle corn salad. Home made guac.


Absolutely delicious Thai restaurant.


One of the best around East London at the moment. Great food.
The Smoking Goat over in Shoreditch is also good.

Yet another new mince on toast/snag place to try out in Stow…

Why can’t we have a decent Malay or Japanese though???


I had the £30 set menu plus a pudding. The highlights were a terrific deeply umami vegetable dish with morel mushrooms, a belly pork dish that I could have eaten all night and a frankly stunning palm sugar ice cream with turmeric infused banana.

Minus points: fuck off London drinks prices.


Pre Munich burgers by the river.


Well done lads. Sorry to miss it.


Ooh could’ve done with one of those. Bring doggy bag.



Weber roasted chicken, chips and Greek salad.


“Quick, meat, now, they might not have any in Germany”


Apologies to the Munich massive who are slumming it food wise


Bit of a change with the big tomato though. Personally the three smaller ones to the side had more of a feng shui vibe going on.


I have discovered shrikhand. I have now eaten a lot of shrikhand.