Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Calabrian meatballs (lemon & chilli) with foo pasta (bucatini).



Home made in our £29.99 pizza oven.



where did you get your pizza oven? What is it - any pics?


This. Linky please?


It was from Aldi, it’s one of those that sit on top of a BBQ. Looks exactly like this one:


It’s ok. Not convinced I wouldn’t get the same result from just plonking a pizza stone on top of the BBQ and shutting the lid tbh.



Now if you had one of these…:heart_eyes:


…you would try to make a pizza and come out with a victoria sponge, a casserole and a ridiculously large fuel bill.


Mine is gas and I use it all the time (not for heating), I have a gas central heating / hot water system in a 1929 detached house with 4 beds, approx 1,900 sq ft, my gas bill is £80 a month on average. The Aga put it up a bit, maybe £20 a month, but it keeps the house warmer and you don’t tend to use the heating as much.


and it would take 4 weeks to develop a crust


A bit like their owners.


Weber pizza stone FTW…


I bought a Pro cook stone just because the pans mum got me some time ago have been good. Stones are the way forward in a regular oven.


We find that our stones (one for the Weber, 1 for the main oven) don’t get used much, due to the proximity of our Village pub. They make some of the best pizzas we’ve had in this country.


Braised Orkney steak with new pot’s. Delicious. Just deciding which pudding to have now.


spotted dick?


Skipped the pudding. Decided to drink the beer instead.


:+1: Wise decision I feel


good choice are they selling this