Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


BBQ’d (fuck off Birthday Boy it was proper BBQ) sirloin, haloumi, corn, and locally grown (neighbour) asparagus with a quick curry potato dish.
Much nommage!


Tortilla soup

Walnut and maple cake


The snack equivalent of fixed odds betting terminals.



These are fabulous


I love silhouette fingers that look like the well heeled


Meringue cake for an 83 year old by a 6 3/4 year old.


Great photo :+1:


Avoiding the Wedding and bored rigid by the Cup Final meant there was time for barbecue:

I also barbecued two sea bass in Oot’s Insane Thai Marinade but they didn’t make the photo.

My mouth is still on fire…


BBQ’d chicken thighs, Asian stylee slaw and Thai (rare) steak, cucumber and noodle salad.


Fantastic looking spread. Drooling (and envious) here.


In the Turan with offspring no2.

Alice got extra meat in her Mojito :heart_eyes:


we were there last night - lovely dinner


with our bread we have caramelized yeast butter

It is marmite!! and delicious


My kind of thing…Marmite & butter…

Where can you find this delicacy.


The breakfast of champions! :sunglasses:



BBQ’d (there’s a surprise) pork shoulder (whisky cask smoke), Asian slaw, new potatoes with Greek yoghurt, lemon and mint, and roasted Balsamic tomatoes :+1:


Surprised this dish only made the final 3 shortlist for Saturdays wedding. How it didn’t win only god knows …There loss


clearly they didn’t have the skill to turn it into bowl food


It did win but then Prince Phillip said “I’m not eating that shit” so they settled for pizza.