Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Louisiana style run and raisin rice pudding.


AKA, the cat has just puked in my pudding


Doesn’t taste like it.


I should hope so :open_mouth:


Paul. I know you are a rum and raisin man.



I HATE rum ‘n’ raisin

I can drink rum until I pass out and I love raisins, but together :face_vomiting:


Just like coffee!


Yes, I hate coffee too


Dinner in an ash tray must be a constant bind.






After many disappointments, I have finally produced a great version of the Turkish Imam Bayildi dish - it’s a stuffed aubergine thing.

It’s this recipe:

I only bothered with a photo once I’d finished :slight_smile:


Fuckin’ love aubergine. I made this last night.


sweetbread in xo sauce, steamed bun


char grilled octopus, chilli and squid ink bun


80 day aged beef tartar with rendered beef fat, black olive powder, and potato starch crisp


Sorry, but that looks like something the cat brought up !


Second that. Not remotely appealing.


I like this on my fish & chips


Louise and I were saying that Ziggy could have produced it. But it was delicious…

next is Saltfish (hake) with ackee sauce and Jamaican chilli dumpling