Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I thought the same. Only without the apology.


Imagine the laughs they have in the kitchen as they serve it up & punters don’t complain!

Because Serious Food


Ajo Blanco with razor clams and tomato granita


Now I KNOW they are tacking the mick.

That’s the contents of a hospital sputum bowl.

Not one of those courses has looked edible, never mind appetising.


how about

cod, in a dashi sauce, fried potatoes and malt vinegar powder

smells and tastes like a fish n chips shop…absolutely top notch cooking. Delicious


last savoury dish…Squab pigeon breast in hoisin sauce, on inocki mushrooms, with crispy pigeon leg and powdered prawn cracker.

so delicious, the flavours are brilliant. I love pigeon, so it was a bonus this was on the menu


Jon shouldn’t worry about presentation if he’s doing food for hipsters. Just put it in a bag, lob it round the garden for a bit then pour on to a serving device as he chooses…




Chef hard at it in the kitchen doing the chips…



I always thought that half the pleasure of eating was the presentation. I’m obviously wrong.


and lastly dessert; Tempered chocolate sheet with Parma Violet Ice cream, puffed rice and potato custard

a top notch lunch, stunning ingredients cooked brilliantly at one of the best restaurants in the country.



Food wank climax.


as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apart from the beef tartar, the presentation was beautiful.


Jeez, I hope it tasted alright 'cos it looks fucking horrible.
They can fuck off with the “no plates” bollocks, that’s sooo last week.
As for the disregard for making anything recognisable ?
They are taking the piss with the clientele, “Fuck you lot, you wouldn’t know what you’re eating, so we’ll tell you what you want to hear and just throw it together”.


In which case, I’m selling a cat, that I think will suit you down to the ground -



that looks like a dog to me, no wonder you can’t appreciate beauty


nope is was tasty as fuck, with huge amounts of respect for the ingredients and some of the very best cooking I have tasted. Everything in the flesh (so to speak) was easily recognisable.

I can only think of two places I have eaten at that i might rank better; L’Enclume in Cartmel and Raby Hunt in Darlington. I prefer all of those and The Man Behind the Curtain, to the Fat Duck


Pretentious moi? :joy: Emperor’s new clothes or what?


I was using the same artistic licence as the restaurant.

Did you pick anything that wasn’t on the “La Menu de Rue Kill” ?


no menu to choose from. You tell them in advance what your dietary requirements are when you book. I am highly allergic to strawberries, and Louise hates Fois Gras and sea urchins. Last time we forgot and she was unlucky as they served sea urchins - fortunately I love them

sea urchin dish from our previous visit

You need to book about 3 months in advance, and still the only table we could get was at lunchtime.