Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I have no issue with poncey food. I love poncey food. I happily spend money on poncey food. What I don’t like is when chefs take the piss and have no respect for their clientele. Put simply, it should have some aspect of it that is recognisable or, at least, attractively plated.

Thrown on a plate (sic) I can get in any Aberdeen Steak House.




maybe there is something wrong with the photos, but when you eat the dishes they are visually recognisable and taste


What the fucking hell are those things?

Pubes and custard



Touches by the look of it

@A_Touch_of_Cloth missing any?


ackee sauce and chilli threads


Needs bigger plates :grinning:


Liked the early 80s stuff,and think i saw them with grandmaster flash at the Rainbow



Speaking of poncy food, I quite enjoyed the anecdote Richard Osman told on Breakfast TV this morning.

I’ll have to try it (& take pictures) next time I’m in somewhere serving buffet.


Hmmmm,seems my Mexican rice is ahead of the curve.


It does need a few drops of brightly coloured ‘Jus’ to complete the effect but otherwise yes, you are a trailblazer.


later we are heading to a cracking ale house that serves a brilliant corned beef hash


You’ll need feeding up after that lunch. Sparrows eat more.


Not quite Masterchef but I did like the Monkey Breakfast.




Infected scab?


So after paying a fortune for cat spew, you are now having corned beef hash… FFS


and you have a problem with what we choose to do with our money?


I can sell you some food if you want, how about Le Spam de Frit with oily ju?

Apologies for the plate, it normally comes on a nappy.


how much and do you deliver?