Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Branching out from trolling into spam. Nice work!



Comes in a special box, you have to book it 3 months in advance, to you a special offer of £750 per slice.


cant be any good its too cheap.


I’ll give you ginger pubes my lad.


Yes I bet you could :grin:


Dessert: £1.49


The people betray him…


This is really fucking nice :+1:


Lemon sole…

At The Lord Nelson, Brightwell Baldwin.


Did you say where it was?


It is in Leeds, about 10 mins walk from the stay. We stayed in York and got a train to Leeds



What are you having for the main course?


No messin’! :slight_smile:


Putting the final touches to a veggie Indian feast




Maybe other people don’t get quite as excited as me about a nice pulse, but the Hodmedods blue peas and red haricot beans are fucking tasty :+1:



that looks a bit over done for a slice of vegetarian.

Last night we were in a restaurant in York and I was tucking into a lovely portion of steak tartar when the cunt sat next to me asked us to move, as my choice of starter was upsetting his veggie sensitivies - Louise told him to fuck and get real.

What’s wrong with them? never met worth chewing the Fat with


Possibly a few minutes less would be ideal, but some bits are quite rare and others quite well done. Overall, lots of choice!


Sea bream cooked on the BBQ