Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Lou just made a Pavlova which will be getting attacked shortly


5 hour ribs…


After (very shortly after)


I did say pavlova would be my first choice!


Note: no gas.


Noted… and all the better for it. Gas bbq’s are for dirty prog botherers. :slight_smile:


Jesus, moralistic vegetarians are the worst (way more hypocritical than moralistic vegans).




The fact that it was on a menu may have given an indication that someone might have ordered it.

He says having had a dhal curry for tea…


You are right, in fact there was only one veggie starter and one veggie main.

Even the salad starter, was a chorizo, bacon and black pudding salad - which was Louise’s choice.

I have nothing against veggie food - it is lovely cooked in lard.

It’s the holier than thou veggies themselves.


Finale to an afternoon of lovely garden food.


Fuck off

Fuck off too





Pulled porkage. Sous-vide for 24hrs and finished off on the BBQ.


It’s mighty annoying when a veggie announces loudly that they don’t get involved with murdering animals and all that stuff, just when you are enjoying a nice steak.

I hope you talked with your mouth full to annoy them after that


Applewood smoked drums (a neighbour’s chickens), direct cooked Lincolnshire snags, fried potatoes and halloumi, served with spicy lemon cous-cous, homegrown radish and Tropean onions.


A South African mate of mine having a typical Bank Holiday Brai…

I wuz invited but couldn’t make it :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


You are what you eat!


Good thing it didn’t come with ketchup




Where are these BBQ’s happening? You don’t have a lawn!