Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


At my sister’s place…



I ended about ten years of being vegan with a steak at a Michelin-starred restaurant


Just practicing some new styles for the start of the competition season


I love what you’ve done with the salad leaves :heart_eyes:


Indeed,came in at 7am so I could nail it

Classics don’t just happen


Nailed it :tada:


I bet Heston Blumenheck is quaking in his boots :hushed:




It’ll never catch on.




still needs the cherry tomatoes somewhere


Pah! Cherry tomatoes are soo last week. :scream:


Lacking cheese :cheese:


Got to keep it minimal. 1 leaf, one tomato & a few gratings of cheese & even then it could become over complicated & fussy. Aesthetically it’s a tough call.


We really need some guidance from the king of foo food, Ziggy Marley :tomato:


@stu is also still using a plate. Always going to be a struggle for an eye catching presentation.


Ffs I bet Picasso had the same problem with critics


Ah, I assumed he was being ironic, no? :thinking:


Are there any yellow salad leaves? You could do Donald Trump portraits