Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I would suggest taking the leaves and making a puree and then smearing it artistically.

please post an address for me to send my invoice


frissee can tend towards yellow, but are more green. Endive is yellow.

you can get Yellow wax beans



perhaps a golden oyster mushroom?


I’d rather a golden teacher first then I can freak out at everything that is modern cooking nonsense


Courgette flowers

Fill them with the rice and deep fry. Michellin star fodder.


don’t waste with(uncle bens) rice or ruin with deep fat frying.

I recently had one recently filled with langoustine mousse with added squid for texture. It had been gently steamed so the mousse just set - all the flavour of the courgette was gently preserved.


Battered and fried courgette flowers are lush, I agree about the uncle Bens though, fill em with something worth eating.


It ruins them, may as well batter and deep fry a mars bar.


Obviously an exquisitely subtle palate at play.



My advice would be avoid them then. I shall continue to enjoy them.


Dairy free ? Good addition to the menu


Birthday burger!




Half Man! Half Burger! St Leonards.


Happy Beefday, remember to save room for :birthday:


It looks half crab half alien :kissing:


Correct apart from tense.


Sod the burger and birthday shenanigans,shouldn’t you be putting the finishing touches to the Lopwell 2018 cape?

Happy birthday :+1:


Bloody hell, you’ll need a lie down after that😂


I think Mississippi Mud Pie and a round of Crazy Golf is more likely. :grin: