Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Many Happy Return. :slight_smile:


You know how to live it up Ritchie :wink:

Happy Birthday dude.


Happy birthday Ritchie, have a good one mate.


Yep, Many Happy Returns Ritch…:balloon:


Have a swell day ritchie


Hippy Birthday Ritchie :tada:


Have a good one Ritchie! (looks as if you’ve started well) :hamburger:


Happy birthday Ritchie !



Happy birthday Ritchie ! :tropical_drink:


Thanks folks, having a very pleasant day with the family. :blush:


Night shifting, so just arose from my pit. Happy Birthday Ritchie :birthday:


Branching out for the healthy option


trying to get yourself beach ready?


Today, french bread, humous and carrot sandwich made by my fair hand. No butter. I don’t do marge.


Missus on holiday??


The GF lives and works 35 miles away in sunny Lancashire.


Best call her up, before you get expelled to crimson donkey party food clear up club


Been gorging myself on Aldi Southern Fried Chicken the past three days. First we had it for dinner with fries, natch. Then I’ve made wraps with the leftover pieces, salad leaves, mayo and such.


Happy Birthday Ritchie. That burger looks the business.


Strange how the wholegrain photo is exactly the same as the normal one. Is it actually any different.