Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Answer in the morning


Just eaten this…

A lot of Meh!


There is no normal one, the other is special


Yes tastes different,don’t like it as much


Smoked haddock kichiri with pickled cauliflower.

Chocolate fondant puddings.


I had some salt & vinegar crickets recently. They had the consistency of sawdust, and lacked flavour. I was disappointed. Hopping mad, in fact.


I prefer fried meal or silk worms myself.


This for lunch :+1: very nice

Also with some normal hummus, cherry tomatoes grilled with sumac chilli garlic and pomegranate molasses, seared halloumi, avocado and fresh bread from the bakers


I read that as “fava bean humans”

Needs chianti. #hanniballecter


hmmm tempting if we weren’t headed elsewhere


Giggling Squid in Stratford. Starters of salt n pepper squid, moo ping pork and soft shell crab.

Followed by a red chicken curry with jasmine rice for Ann and a green beef curry with noodles for me. All cooked beautifully :yum:


Moping pork quite neatly describes my missus at the moment. :smirk:


As he double checks that there is no one looking over his shoulder :smiley:


Smoked haddock in red garlic sauce, with Mexican red rice (cue Uncle Bens jokes) with peas and carrots, and leftover roast garlic and cascabel chilli salsa from last nights chilli.


OMG! She’d kill me!

I do realise my comment sounds like I’m some kind of seventies comedian but our lass’ grammar school appeal went to shit and the other half has taken it somewhat badly. The last couple of days have been a bit heavy. Trying to be everyone’s rock is hard work TBH and I’m just letting off a bit of steam I suppose. :neutral_face:


Commiserations on the appeal, don’t feel too bad they are set up to fail, it is more about the process than outcome.She will do well in any school, it’s the family life that really influences the education not the school.



Jim, the crab’s going to nick your salad.


Because @Jim cares about salad? :rofl:


Thought that having some steak would make me feel better. Cooked it to perfection, 3cm thick sirloin only cooked about 3mm in, served simply with fries, edamame (browned in the steak juices while the meat rests) and quinoa just to annoy you.

I think the red wine is having more of an effect though. Probably a mistake. Going to repeat it, reasons.