Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


At the citadel in Blaye, and just had some of the most amazing ice cream I’ve ever encountered. Cold food always needs to be a lot stronger than an equivalent warm dish, and these had a phenomenal depth of flavour across all the ones we tried. Produced by a local farmer who does the whole lot himself, rather than buying in commercial flavourings etc.

Caramelised Fig was just extraordinary


You should make a deal with him and sell it. Out of a van perhaps?


Selling ice cream from a van? That’ll never catch on :roll_eyes:


Do the French even have ice-cream vans? Can’t remember ever seeing one whenever I’ve been there.


Another reason to be free of EU tyranny.


Now at the local night market near our house:

The pork in the fork was amazing, the other bit of pork less so sadly, despite having been cooked on wood.


Recently I have been trying to reduce my carbs somewhat, and doing rather well albeit only a week gone so far. Tonight, me and the boy were home alone, so I thought his first steak night was in order.

2 bad boys in the pan.

Josh going steak frites with spinach leaves. Cooked medium.

Portobello mushroom, wilted spinach and fried cherry tomato for me. Cooked rare.

Notice I adjusted his steak portion “in case he didn’t like it”. Well that soon went back on his plate.


Good pan. :+1:


Easily the best we’ve had.


I have something similar, dunno what it’s called, it works though.


I’ve got an ancient cast iron skillet for steak, I nicked it off my mum who brought it back from Jamaica (my father worked over there in the '60s), so must be at least 50 years old.

I prefer using it to the Wagner cast iron griddle pan I bought about 20 years ago, cos it’s not such a Bitch to clean.


Mature Cheddar and Beetroot sarnies.


Crab soup.


Pekoras from next door. These are delish :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes: Where can I find me neighbours like yours (other than next door to you, of course) ?


She’s an excellent cook. They bring something round pretty much every evening during Ramadan, last night it was a lamb curry and the night before spicy fried chicken.

Shame it only lasts for a month, they fetch food around only very occasionally at other times of the year. but it’s not a one way street - they’ve become quite partial to Flo n Al’s cakes/baking. :grinning:


Mussel and saffron risotto.


Saag aloo and split fava bean daal tonight