Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I had peach souffle once, in a restaurant (I was warned there might be a short wait as it would require the chef’s undivided attention). It was, very possibly, the best dessert I have yet tasted.



Picked up some fresh curry leaves and cooked this last night. Fucking beautiful. :+1:

Had it with this.

The dal with simple veg side dish and rice works really well for weeknight dinners. I cook enough for two nights and endless options for variety.

Cooked this on Monday night- another recipe I would highly recommend.

Plan for Sun/Mon night is:


lovely lunch at a little Italian in Cardiff recommened by Tristan (Clap); me beef carpaccio followed by goat ragu, and Louise, soused Sardines followed by Porchetta.

All accompanied by a great Italian fizzy red (so good I bought a 6 bottle case!)



You ordered something with rocket on it? :astonished:


He’ll prolly be shitting all night cos his digestive system can’t cope with the influx of veg :laughing:


He saw the word rocket, and thought it might be like his Saturn 5…


Believe it or not, I love the stuff.

Edit: cheeky cunt.


Very tasty :+1: will be doing these again when I have fresh curry leaves on hand


haha I didn’t actually pay attention to what I was quoting there. I decided to save the cauliflower for later in the week and instead we had the black eye bean dish with this. Really nice and worked well together. I used rehydrated desiccated coconut in place of fresh.


Always a favourite with my customers
,”The bidsnest platter”


With Mexico playing today,I’ve gone for the South American World Cup signature dish


What?! No alpaca or rodent?


Beefy boys again.


some advanced Mexican flag arranging


Hmmmm is ok. Personally compared to mine it’s a tad embarrassing


looks more like the Indian flag.




Given the orientation of the plate I view the rice from the long side - so Mexican but the colours are at


Nyonya pineapple curry (chinese malay). Bloody lovely. HOT.


I like Nyonya cooking, I have an acquaintance with a chef who runs a Nyonya restaurant in Penang - the influences are really interesting, include as you say Malay-Chinese, but can include Thai, Indonesian and more interestingly (and less commonly) Indian.

Some of the nicest chicken curries I have had are Nyonya

there used to be a Nyonya Cafe in London, but I think it closed in 2016. There is a great Laksa bar, Sambal Shiok on Holloway Rd, and the chef/owner is Peranakan Nyonya heritage.

PS - Shaam Nights was great - we way over ordered and was so stuffed we could barely move.