Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


What Malay-Chinese folk eat is nyonya business…:upside_down_face:


do NOT under any circumstances give up the day job


wassamarrer @htm_1968, couldn’t think of a suitable put down? :wink:


Nyonya bike !?




Allow me to use a badly written bit of math to comment on that ‘effort’:


Please cease and desist all attempts at humour.


No :smile:


I had to go and throw up in the middle of the last post, hence the delay. Your weapons-grade flub of a joke may (or may not) have played a role in todays’ heave.


I thought there was a dustbin for shit jokes and failed attempts at humour:


Haha…coming from the two most humourless cunts on here…i shall take that as encouragement…:roll_eyes:


It was encouragement :roll_eyes:. I was encouraging you to give the puns a miss for a while. It is the humane thing for you to do…



ahaha, asking a mod on here to be humane…:rofl:


I’m not sure that expression is correct is it ? If, say

shit = crap x exp(i x poop)

where crap and poop are both real then

-shit = crap x exp(i x (poop+pi))


SQRT(-shit) = SQRT(crap) x exp(i x (poop+((2 x k) +1) x pi)/2) where k = 0,1

and if we square that we’re back to -shit, which is not, in general, real.

Better might be to take the square root of the product of shit and its complex conjugate. This returns two values, plus and minus SQRT(crap^2+poop^2), but they both lie along the real axis.




Fair enough, but in my defence (i) it is not my meme (ii) I said it was badly written and (iii) there is some crap on here that is definitely not real so I disagree with the fundamentals of your proposition.


A whole weekend of this to come. Deep joy :smiley:


Just need to wrap it in a modulus function and then it’s just shit.


Now you’re just imagining shit.


Yes, the modulus (crap) and the argument (poop) are both real.

I lose interest in this sort of thing after a beer or two. Plus Wayne’s bringing a bust pre for me to play with.



I was referring to Jim’s puns. Might join you for a maths lesson, tbh :smiley:


So after about 10 minutes then :slight_smile: