Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Keeping with the World Cup theme

This is today’s special,Japan,land of the rising sun dish


Looks like you’ve added some protein with the wood louse (top right corner)


Sorry but that is poor; just NOT up to your usual standard.

Got the rest of the larder packed in the car, ready for Lopwell, by any chance ?


That is an absolute triumph Stu! I love the unfussy minimalist look :heart_eyes:


I sort of agree,sadly i only had 4 hours prep time to get it to look like a round sun.


It’s not so much the artistic statement, per se, that’s wrong Stu, more the light / solid / ethereal juxta - composition has gone to fuck.


Can’t top noodles, but this BBQ Lidl tomahawk steak was adequate.


just one eating tonight


Ha - Yes once I would have just scoffed that - Two of us managed 2/3 of it tonight.
A decent steak sandwich each beckons for lunch tomorrow.


So is a tomahawk steak is a sirloin on the bone?


It’s ribeye with one bone left in




As nice as the lopwell food was,it’s great to get back to 5* grub

“The Brazilian”


needs to be a much narrower strip.


Blue needed


Chicken bonne femme


Did the bag break and it fell on the plate?


Are they fava beans?



Broad beans, British ones.


Looks like Lee Henley. Saw him at Cranage the other day.