Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


remove the skins from the broad beans and they taste so much nicer


Cullen skink.


Looks lovely, restaurant or your own?


Luckily for me made by my Wife.


This is so rong…



looks lovely - one of my favourites. Do you do deliveries? I could do with something for lunch…


Would sir prefer this?


To vegetarian chicken flavoured “ham”?


The pig and pallet, topsham

All home cured and smoked meats


Our neighbour has a mate who keeps quails - Claire has made some excellent scotch eggs.


Getting a runny yolk on a regular scotch egg isn’t trivial, even more so with a quail’s egg. Serious skills on display there.


Yep. Still on holibobs.


Where is the bacon,eggs,beans,sausages,toast etc?


Yep, scotch egg with a rock hard yolk - i quail at the thought :smile:


Not eating for the foreseeable:

Pulled pork sort of à-la @Wayward, but only 3kgs so I thought it doesn’t need over night cooking…

Been in the oven @ 140°C for over 7 hours and is nowhere near ready…


Still not done. Taken the foil and skin off now to see if it’ll help…

Ellie has decided to have a Mugshot for her Sunday dinner rather than wait. Dad fail… :pensive:


Think I know what’s gone wrong. It was a rolled shoulder joint, I should have unrolled it before cooking it. Wank.



Looks about spot on that does Pete.


What’s that white powdery stuff under the grill :thinking: