Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Fuck it. I’m calling it slow cooked rather than pulled.


Stuffed leg of lamb, slow cooked

Macaroni to soak up flavour.

This is the second time I’ve made next time 10c lower and 30 mins more


The lamb looks lovely, but why is the dish full of tab ends?


To add a bit of smoke to the flavour…


Possibly the hardest World Cup dish so far

The Belgium Poriot chocolate bar


Needed to go for more of a 'tache shape



Like spending 8 hours on that creation wasn’t enough. I do have have hungry customers to feed.


Lunch at sharpham winery, good food and needed after the morning tasting session


Goat curry, rice and peas and plantain.


tonight BBQ octopus tenticles with smoked pimenton and olive oil dressing and jersey royals…bought the octopus pre cooked online, and it was a revelation - delicious

Prawns in garlic and dried red chilli, and a salad of bbq’ed red peppers, olives and tomatoes, with an anchovy dressing


That sounds lovely Simon, really delicious actually.


Oh, nearly forgot



perhaps it was testicles, but he misplaced the ‘s’ for a ‘n’…:thinking:


spell checker kept changing to testicles…I thought I’d forced it to be correct but clearly not.



That looks an epic bacon sandwich.


It was lovely! Bacon from butcher in Herpenden and sourdough bread.


Best Bacon
Best Bread
Best Butter?


No butter.