Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Leftover fry up…

Still plenty of lamb to make Shepherd’s Pie tomoz :+1:


Awesome. :yum:


Have an important player from the Chinese business sector over hence the 3 tomato’s


Good to see it’s only lukewarm so cheese won’t melt. :+1:





hogs pudding…yum…Full Cornish breakfast


In that London again tonight so I think I’ll try here because it’s within stumbling distance.


Goes without saying of course, but the opportunity for restaurant wallet rape down here is fabulous. So many little places on the doorstep that require no effort to seek out.


Mixed Tempura. The butternut squash are good.


What Butternut Squash ?


Just behind the deep-fried Mars bar.


:+1: Got it !


Black sesame ice-cream. Pleasant but I hoped it would be a bit more mad.

Not on the same level as the palm sugar ice cream in Som Saa @Jim .

Forgot to snap the main, a black cod dish. Again nice, but they didn’t have my first choice which was Piri Buta - a marinated pork belly and vegetables on an iron skillet.

What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?

Butternut Squash ? I had to Google it.
That’s a vegetable right ?


Fruit, fruit.


Vegetal as apposed to animal, silly :roll_eyes:


Scoffing my way through these…

They were a gift from a colleague I had trained and who is now moving on to pastures new.



Made this last night with cod. Not the exact same recipe (the one i did used dried fenugreek leaves soaked) but essentially the same. Very simple very tasty


Beef Rendang.

It doesn’t look very good but it was cooked slowly for nearly 5 hours with braising steak and shin.

Tastes fucking lovely despite the similarity to a babies nappy.