Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


That looks spot on to me. My wife cooks need rendang regularly.


Sambar tonight, cobbled together from these two recipes (mainly the first, but using the other for spice amounts rather thanking a big batch of sambar powder).



Easily disguised for the more sensitive by some judicious sprinkling of Coriander :+1:


Holiday Inn Edinburgh airport - haddock and chips.


deep fried Mars bar and custard for pudding?


Nah, not into local deserts…the fish n chips was good though - cooked nicely.


Is your dinner sitting on the Daily Mail? :thinking:


Yesterday’s news…


Those chips look undercooked!


they don’t look like real chips


Duh! It’s a Holiday Inn :roll_eyes:


Anyone got a decent beef stew recipe?


Use beef shin. It’s the win.


Well yes, though I’m quite partial to tail.


Or beef cheeks


We know that.

Try shoulder. That makes good stew


I’m wanting a recipe, love a good hearty rich stew but always disappointed with the end result when I’ve tried.


Gary Rhodes has recipe from Rhodes Around Britain.

Coat the meat in seasoned flour, brown.

Brown the veg lightly (carrot, celery, onions)

put in pan cover with stout, reduce by half add some beef stock, bay leaf, sprig of thyme. cook slowly for about 2.5 hours

hard fry in a separate pan some sliced large cap mushrooms.

throw mushrooms into pan, and add some Charlotte pots (they dont disintegrate), cook until pots are done.

chow down


When you say stew do you mean cooking on the hob? Or a casserole in the oven?

I think it’s always better in the oven.