Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


You should’ve ordered the Coco special with pineapple, anchovies & ox tongue.


Don’t forget the Fishacotta.


This last night, was good :+1:


Ooh, will have a stab at that. I do quite like the way Felicity Cloake approaches her articles, looking at the ways various chefs like to make a certain dish etc. In a lot of ways that pre-amble and analysis is far more useful than the end recipe.


Yeah, agree

I fancy trying this:


Cold pulled pork from yesterday’s roast shoulder and chips. Real chips :smile:


Double fried in beef dripping?


Spot on!



I’m not allowed a chip pan. Just because of one little fire. :roll_eyes:


you sure that was the chip pan?


I was, but maybe a spark from the cooker hood was really to blame. It was quite burned after all…


I once flambéed something in a pan on the stove, and the flame shot up into the cooker hood and ignited the fat and grease deposited in the hood into one massive fireball for nanosecond. Luckily nothing caught on fire or was damaged, but it was all rather surprising


I managed similar burning off the alcohol in 0.8l of whiskey, the cupboards were permanently scorched by it.


I’d love another deep fat fried, but we use them so infrequently we end up wasting oil and they are such a faff to clean…I’d be making onion bhaji’s


We don’t have a deep fat fryer, just a chip pan.


not allowed chip pan!


Mntfu ffs


when your alcoholic relative burnt themselves to a crisp with a chip pan fire - you might understand why


My alcoholic father fell down the garden steps and cracked his head.
Should I avoid alcohol, steps or being a father?