Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Yea the ‘n’ is a bonus letter.


Google has now educated me.


Had a stab at macarons yesterday. Didn’t quite work, but I had to make some adjustments that weren’t ideal. The ensuing result was at least perfectly edible (with a spoon).

It does also help if trying to follow a recipe in French that you make sure you actually understand it and don’t miss steps out!


Meh, What do the French know about baking anyway?

Courtesy of Holger Barske’s ETF photos


That’s some decent looking patisserie work.

Also, if anyone ever works out how to eat mille feuille (think on the right of that photo) without making a complete fucking mess, please let me know.


Bung it in the freezer overnight, saw it into bite-sized pieces the following morning (small mess ?), Robert’s your mother’s brother. Of course the custard and/or creme patissiere might have lost a little of their original fresh delicacy …



Curry sauce sizzling for another hour , then the bratwurst comes out, got some nice fresh bread in the oven to go with it

Breads now out

A malt, rye , white flour mix

Bratty’s ready


What recipe do you use?


One from BBC good food mostly I like using this paprika for it

And then my own curry powder


What about you?


Based on this one, altered amounts and leave out the sugar



Same recipe mostly, and I go easy on the sugar and a bit more red wine vinegar…


What about brats, where do you get them?


I rate that smoked paprika -and the sweet one- but I’m not completely sure that isn’t down to the lovely old style packaging and it’s all in my head. :thinking:


I bring some back when we visit the wife’s family in Belgium otherwise it’s Lidl or aldi


It’s a commercial brand that’s available, it’s never going to be as fresh as you would want but still much better than the usual offering you see.


But…but…but it’s pre-ground :rage:


Choose your faff wisely.


Just get out and plant some peppers, you know it makes sense :roll_eyes:


Mmmmm, can I place an order now?