Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Tried it, hate it. My advice avoid in Sainsbury’s.


Is that the before or after pic?


Actually before, but it’s difficult to tell by sight or smell. :tired_face:


Cautionary tale for burger fans.


I’ve just had a fucking epic burger in Palma. :smile:


Bloody burger tourists :smiley:




Phone was dead :frowning: but colleague took some, I’ll get them off her tomorrow!


Nice M&S fancy crisps with a glass of vino


A mix of leftover garlic butter and leftover spaghetti bolognese. Not authentic, but fucking delicious.



not bad with a porky flavour


definitely sprout like in flavour but with an odd after taste


I like the disclaimer at the bottom of the sprout flavour pack. I note that the one above contains no such rider. If I was a thicko I’d probably believe they must contain both pig and blanket.


That’s because it has crisps on the front not sausages wrapped in bacon.
We’re literally a bit thick in Blighty.



Have you changed your job?

Chief taster?

Looks lush btw :heart_eyes:


Checking out the food in Palma, lol

The orange cake is frankly fucking spectacular!


Last night’s burger…



Haven’t you got any work to be getting done ? FS !


No doubt all on the company coin too. Cunt.


I think that’s a given. And why not, he’s working his fingers to the bone in far flung foreign lands, all for the good of the UK economy.

Or, something.