Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


No, it’s the other way round.


We are talking about Pete here :rofl:


Unless he’s a boa constrictor and can completely detach his lower jaw…




Either way he would have inhaled it. :+1:


Knife and fork it was. Even my gob isn’t that big.


Don’t believe you…I have never ever seen you eat a burger with a knife & fork :laughing:

…and anyway your gob is big enough…:grin:


My brother has been over from the US for a few days (work) so we went into town last night for a hug and a chat and a bite to eat. This was the place

It couldn’t really be any more ‘meat’. It’s in Smithfield (literally tens of metres from the market). The place is an old bacon/ham smokehouse. They serve … yes, you guessed it … meat. We were just in for bar snacks but we did watch them carry a whole roast pig through to a party in the restaurant. The prices were the sort of thing you might expect in ‘that London’ (£6.50 for a pint and £9 for a not-very-big glass of Sauv Blanc) but the service was friendly and quick, the atmosphere good and the food tasty. It was rammed at 7:00 but quietening down by 9:00. We didn’t stay late as my bro was on an 8 o’clock flight out of LHR this morning. A glimpse of life (his) in a faster lane than ours …



Quite jealous, haven’t ever had the chance to eat there. Fergus Henderson is a bit of a legend, especially within the nose-to-tail eating brigade.


Menu looks lovely.


Venue on your next trip down? :+1:


Could do, would have to save up for that. It’s pretty spendy.


Yeah, just looked at the prices…

If you like trad French, this place in Smithfield is superb. the Cote de Beauf is stunning :heart_eyes:



God this is really making me want to open my own restaurant. It’s an itch I definitely need to scratch at some point.


I always look at the menu there and get a bit grossed out


I love St John! I have been several times and always great. I had roast Sirloin last time I went which blew my mind. It was bright pink but absolutely melted in the mouth, I have no idea how it was done. I expect cooked very low and slow. Highly recommend :+1:


Quite probably sous vide and then onto a very hot grill to finish.


Have sat there picking at a pigs head with a few mates before. We had the rest of it but the head comes first. Bone marrow with toast, capers, parsley and salt to start. :+1:


As @Ruprecht would say, it was copacetic :heart_eyes:


Quality meat too I suspect. Honestly, it was miraculous.