Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?



Smoked duck, tempura, miso soup, chestnut rice, sashimi, shell fish with a mustard dressing, omelette, rice, a few other delicious unknown items. My wife nd I had that set with a drink. Our 3yr old had a lovely little set which was more western / accessible with a drink. Lovely restaurant. Total cost £40. Bargain.


Wow, great price.


I really really want to visit Japan now. My son would have an aneurism.


been quite a few times - always good, but to be honest nowhere near as good recently as they were 10 years ago.

They used to have a small number of other restaurants in London.


knowing St John, I’d be a bit surprised if they sous vide a steak. IME, they sear on a very hot stove and then oven roast for a short period.


We came across some strange stuff on the menus when we were in China. But never one of those, I think.



Currently cooking up toad in the hole, with caramelised onions, gravy, celeriac puree and roasted squash.

Following Thomas Keller’s method of producing the puree, which basically involves cooking the celeriac in cream. I’m amazed that man isn’t the size of a house.


Still in Kyoto, out from the centre at Fushimi Inari. I had prawn tempura donburi, my wife had curry udon and our son had chicken and egg donburi. Free green tea/ water all round. Fried tofu parcels and a small amount of plain tofu and pickles. Total cost just under £20. Mine was delicious.


That looks excellent, where is it as might have to try it myself.


It was the second cafe more than restaurant on the left just before the private railway crossing leading up to Fushimi Unari. A very unremarkable looking place, black painted tables.


The first place was in Nara, second restaurant to the left before you start to walk down the straight path to the large wooden temple with the big bronze Buddha.


Thanks for that. I love Nara and can picture the location and view of Tōdai-ji. I assume you met the biscuit eating deer.


One tried to take a chunk out of my new trousers and another butted my wife. The monkeys at Araschyama were much better behaved.


They are a bit lively. I haven’t visited the monkeys at Araschyama although I have been there.


I had to carry my three year old to the top of the mountain. But it was worth it.


It don’t look pretty but it smells like a whole load of fun


Strapline blah stuff thingy.



Ribs, burnt ends and sausages


Where Simon?