Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?




Fuck that. Last thing Jim needs is sprouts!


I’m making some of that tonight with the sprouts we didn’t cook last night


Yep. Made it a few times. It can be as subtle or as pungent as you wish to make it.

One of my favourite things is slaw :+1:


My other favourite thing is pizza at our village pub…


Spent a few hours Saturday evening doing the meat and supervising veg for a group of 35.
21 chicken breasts (14 went veggie when they heard I was cooking :flushed:) cooked in orange juice, with apricot, ginger and orange sauce. Charlotte potatoes par-boiled then roasted with herb and sea-salt sprinkling, roast carrots with fresh coriander, sprouts with thin yogurt & horseradish coating, broccoli - and roast parsnips which annoyingly I mistimed so they were too firm.
Pleasant expressions of surprise when tasting, which was nice.


Never realised anyone ate sprouts other than Xmas day



We had them on Sunday. And the week before :+1:


Sprouts are a year round gift to your taste buds :+1:


Just putting the final touches in the anticipation of next weeks Christmas menu :christmas_tree:


That is truly festive looking. I only hope our Christmas dinner looks half as good :ok_hand:


Nice baubles on the tree, but it could use a fairy.



You could easily have moulded the sullen lump into a christmas tree or reindeer/sleigh shape.

Personally, I’m glad you didn’t. :+1:


I prefer my work to be abstract and not obvious


I’m a little unnerved by the yellow goo oozing at the bottom of the rice. What is that? :worried:


Sweet corn :corn:




I had assumed that it was a coulis, the genius of a single kernel of sweet corn never occurred to me


It represents the star rising in the North


And one of your ‘five a day’.