Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Chefs ‘Special’ dressing?


Pesto, but parsley and Brazil nuts instead of basil and pine nuts because that’s what I had. Was tasty.


It’s a bit of a mission but worth it.


Lunch at t’pub. Pizzas were lush. N’duja and spinach with a shed load of cheese. Narelle had one with artichoke and anchovies.

No photos as we sit at the “village table” and it’s too dark for my iPad (see photos further up thread).


You take your iPad to the pub??? :scream:


Only to take photos for you cunts.




get a proper phone


Get to fuck.




Chorizo my sister brought from Spain, paired with a strong Belgian beer :+1:



with crap nutcrackers


I haven’t had Brazil’s in shells for years. They always come ready shelled now (not as crunchy). Where did you get them? Tres expensive these days.


Needs more meat.


That will be a potato* and a pint of the bitter tears of regret after Brexit. Enjoy your continental delicacies while you can.

*there will be no potato either because reasons.



Basket/tray of walnuts, Brazils, almonds, pecans & hazelnuts, complete with crap nutcrackers for £4.


Spain are going to ban selling us sausage? Or no lorries will ever come across the channel again? Right oh.


Feck off.


Until we agree to give Gibraltar back, the Spanish government will ban the export of all smoked paprika products, San Miguel and Estrella to the UK.

There will also be a concurrent ban on the import of proper British bacon from Denmark, HP sauce, John Smiths, Boddingtons and Bisto, to help create a pressure group of outraged British expats (not immigrants, oh no, definitely not immigrants) who can’t do without proper food, none of that foreign muck.


Just give it to them.