Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I’m expecting Chris Grayling’s Pizza Ferries and Liam Fox’s negotiations to ensure that we have an unlimited supply of free foreign booze and sausages. However, actually eating and drinking them would be the work of traitors who have denied the will of the people to take back control.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :disappointed:


Mixed nut basket…



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Goan fish curry

with a few tweaks based on this…

added cloves to the masala, but kept tamarind (instead of vinegar), no ginger and the extra onion. Did a tadka at the end with mustard seeds, grated ginger and curry leaves


Homing in on breakfast perfection (when a fry-up isn’t called for)

Home made Rye bread toast buttered & with Passion fruit curd accompanied by

I have to steer clear of the Covfaffe so my explorations into hot chocolate have taken me far & wide. This one is definitely a contender.


Have you tried the Lidl one that is in a tin (seasonal) or the Lidl ones on wooden lolly sticks?


I have had another one that was chocolate flakes (can’t recall if it was from Lidl, might have been) but I don’t think any I’ve had previously have been as nice as this.


we make ours with Willie’s Cacao

by far the best hot chocolate drink I’ve tasted.


Do you buy this one or just the neat cacao powder?


Venison and chorizo bean stew with sourdough bread


Hubba hubba.


Braising short ribs today. I forgot to get fuel for the smoker and not sure I have quite enough to cook these, so using perhaps a more conventional/classic method.
A bottle of wine and a litre of stock + other stuff. Cover with foil and cook for 3 1/2 hrs or so @150°c


I bet all this vegan talk is getting you down.


Each to his own. However, I find it very amusing that most commercial items for vegans and stuff for them available in restaurants is made to mimic meat products. Are vegans really like the dry drunk who goes into a pub and orders a lime and soda in a wine glass?
I love vegetables myself and look forward to trying them cooked in inventive ways but I have a sneaking suspicion that some vegans at least are living on stuff that is made to taste like dead things. Vegan fried chicken for instance, is a ridiculous proposition.


I buy a block of cacao and grate whatever we need


Most vegans are vegan because they don’t want to eat animals, or be part of an industry that treats animals badly. Not because they don’t like the taste, texture or eating experience of meat. Or that they particularly like vegetables. As such, “meaty vegan” products make sense.

That said, the vegan restaurant that has recently opened near me doesn’t do any meat-like stuff, it’s all unrelentingly planty.


That’s all a bit

Good Indian veg cooking doesn’t need to make excuses for what it isn’t, for example.


Is it good?


Indeed, but many people who become vegan just want to stop eating animals, they don’t necessarily want to learn whole new cooking approaches.