Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I enjoyed eating there with a friend. That kind of food is full of slightly unusual tastes and textures and it’s nice to have a lunch out where you don’t overdo the calories. You feel all virtuous as you emerge. Which probably explains why everyone hates vegans!



Made this to go with a South Indian style chana dal dish- very nice :+1:

I upped the green chillies and just used desiccated coconut rehydrated with boiling water


is that The Green Kitchen?


More like The Green Bogs, I’d have thought.


Anyway, Short rib n veg!


That’s probably closer to you than me!

I’m talking about NoMooMoo, by the Abbey


Y’see, even the name of the fucking place is defensive. Why can’t they be a vegan restaurant plain and simple, without the politics?


My favourite name is Veggie Perrins in Plymouth


It’s not run by vegans. Just people cashing in on the trend.


:frowning: Not doing veganism much good really…


Few people under 40 will have a clue. :grinning:


This is true as a rule and not just about Reggie Perrin. It gets worse for the older age profiles though…:confounded:


Mmmmm, that looks incredibly satisfying.


Nice to get back to proper food after all that festive wank


One is whole grain, new recipe ?


It was good. I have been getting into star anise with meat and stuck a couple in the braising liquor. Really adds depth and body without making it taste Asian. :+1:


best way for short ribs IMO - soy, beef stock, Shaoxing wine (or dry sherry), 5 spice, ginger garlic, spring onions and star anise.


Fussy client


I find that star anise is the best illustration of the “less is more” mantra. As soon as you can taste it, you’ve added too much!