Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Homeopathic star anise melt.


Agreed, although Simon’s more deliberately Asian style beef rib sounds good. A hint of it works really well with all meat I find but especially beef.


True for fish sauce as well, I think.


Yes! Although I think you have to be careful with the quantity of that too.


Definitely- I’ve used a touch to improve chilli and keema mutter, but a wee bit too much definitely gives a noticeable discordant thai note :stuck_out_tongue:


I think @Jim swears by fish sauce for steak but doesn’t let on to his missus, for fear of sniffyness. :grinning:


Ha! I couldn’t tell my wife that I’d added it for the same reason :stuck_out_tongue:


I use fish sauce in a spicy Thai coconut chicken dish I make. It stinks when you put it in, but not when it’s finished. Made it without once (forgot to add it!) and the final result certainly suffered.


Yep. I use fish sauce on/in anything that has to be cooked… fish sauce and pepper on any meat that has to be seared - delish rubbed all over steak. :smiley:


Trying to come up with as many ways as I can to die from Serrano ham - there’s little sign of it diminishing.

Today, a baked eggs, feta, greenery and of course ham.


Not much sign of baking ?


There is a very limited time frame between baking and eating, which renders a picture impossible to capture.


Personally I would lose the greens and feta, maybe try frying the eggs :yum:


I’m not sure that I like green, eggs and ham.


Fuck - I’ve just found a tube of ready salted Pringles while rummaging for booze. They will now be demolished in record time.


I’ve got a spare tube, left over from Chrissy, that I’d be happy to send for a small donation to your favourite charridy bate.


A spare tube ?

Are you mental Mike - get them scoffed with a beer of two ASAP.


These are betterer.


Get thee behind me Satan !


MSG. :+1: