Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I’m trying to work out if mike is enjoying himself or is gonna wet shave someone dry


Obvious, he’s noticeably thinner…


And scared.


Understandable - taken pre initiation ceremony


Aldi openly peddling crack on their shelves.


believe it or not - I cooked, Chettinad Chicken from Rick Steins India, rice and this dry fried carrot curry which I finished with black salt

not had many carrot curries, but this was great


After 4 hours yesterday afternoon simmering with onion, garlic, celery, carrots, and a couple of chillis, they are now a hearty chicken soup. :yum:



Texas cheesy meatballs with corn bread.


meatballs look great :+1:

10 gazillion calories per serving :smiley:


That looks lush and I don’t give a fuck about the calories :heart_eyes:


Cornbread :heart_eyes:


Texas meatball recipe?


The James Martin America book.


Hot chocolate topped Bailey’s custard pots.


Ha ha! That would be Claire’s preferred crack cocaine!


Marmalade and walnut breakfast muffins.


OK, just flaunt your lottery win why don’cha?


Must be the lottery. I’m told there’s no money in the law these days. At least, not sufficient to finance a bespoke muffin habit.


The marmalade was donated by the owner of a caravan we stayed in last year.