Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


The Bailey’s was Tesco’s £7 version.


From our co-op strangely moorish, can only be consumed in units of 1 packet.


Which part of North Africa?



Just bagging and freezing some home made bacon


Needs to be blacker :grinning:


Didn’t have any dark sugar in the house when I started that batch off sadly; next time I’ll try and get hold of some molasses. As I knew I wasn’t going to be able to smoke it, I used smoked salt and smoked paprika in the curing brine.


Did you just use a pork loin joint for that Jon?


Noice :+1:


BBQ’d and smoked Mogul Lamb, Persian rice and French beans with Italian chilli oil…

Served with…


Yeah, had to cut it off the ribs first, the French supermarkets often do massive joints on the cheap where you’d normally cut them down a few more levels to get traditional joints. I quite enjoy the process, and I get meat that’s a lot cheaper as a result.

The only downside is that they tend to skin all the meat, and often trim way too much of the fat off too.


:confused: and we all know fat = flavour :+1:


Yup, it’s also much better at absorbing flavour from the curing liquid / smoking process than the meat is.


Last night 10 hour pork porcetta

Tonight it was turned into bahn mi




Chicken liver pate, pork, viet pickled carrot and cucumber, mint and corriander. :stew:


Very likely if the grammar police see that spelling young man.



Last night’s pizza from the Yard

Four cheese with fennel sausage, salami and chilli. :drooling_face:


You seem to be dining with some uncouth fellow.


Indeed, this is the quality of the people I work with…