Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Tasty toppings.


It was spectacular.


Did you have to share that?


I’m pretty sure that @coco only shared the photograph…



My colleague is vegetarian, but even he was tempted, lol. His pizza got dropped, apparently the first time the chef has even done that, probably because he ordered mushrooms on it and chef decided that no one needs the Devil’s toe fungus on pizza.


Should’ve stuck with just the pineapple


Epic Shepherd’s Pie…

Very cheesy crust :+1:


This was a Coxes orange pippin. The king of apples.


Closely followed by a Russet.


A good match with Bath Ales Gem


Making toad-in-the-hole for dinner tonight. It’s a long time since I made one, so fingers crossed it turns out ok.


Baked ham, cardamom rice, beans and carrots roasted in goose fat.


Prepping the veg for sushi. Saturday night choice by the winkles.

I’ve made some meatballs for a late supper just in case


Macsweens haggis doing for tonight with neeps and tatties. Also picked up what is apparently a haggis scotch egg for lunch tomorrow, which could either be the best thing ever or the worst.


Is it burns unit night tonight?


What’s a day between friends?
P.s. current status can be described as




Quinoa porridge with earl grey poached prunes. Despite my prejudice towards Quinoa it was gurt lush. Well worth doing, you’ll love it. Thomasina Miers recipe.


Excellent roast rib of beef with all the trimmings plus cauliflower cheese served inside a Yorkshire pud at The Red Lion, Chalgrove.


:rofl: Didn’t they have any slates left?