Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Today: showed KettleJnr Wererabbit.
This evening for dinner:


Invited to lunch by friends. Delicious, tender rabbit cooked for 8 hours. Italian grandmother’s recipe, apparently. Topside of beef cooked in red wine, melt in the mouth. Some sort of heavenly jus with the beef. Served with shredded cabbage and mashed potato.

Seconds and thirds were had. I think I must have eaten a whole rabbit.


Chicken Balti with basmati rice & garlic/coriander naan. My best effort yet at a balti, very tasty.




Looks good :+1:


roast chicken, veg, noodle soup, made using a stock from the carcasses of our last three roast chicken dinners


Bought in then.?


nein - made by me in the kitchen


Chicken made in your kitchen, good work



‘Inspired by Mexico City’

Do they taste of exhaust fumes? :thinking:


Just had to sack the apprentice for get the un spicy version

May seem harsh,but will be character building for him


Club sandwich for lunch :yum: Toasted ciabatta roll, crispy romaine lettuce, grilled dry-cured bacon, roast chicken and mayo.


Looks more like a cum sandwich




Really? If yours looks like that John, you should book an appointment at your doctors :thinking:


Booking in, and apologies if I put you off what looks like a very delicious meal :zipper_mouth_face:


No worries mate, you didn’t - I’d already made short work of it by then :smiley:




I’ll be there tomorrow…

…assuming Hatfield isn’t snowed in. :thinking: