Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


no snow - all melted - dont need 4wd Porsche!


BBQ’d and Spatchcocked chicken, cauliflower cheese, roasted carrots and squash, and peas…


Chilli meatballs and linguine, Chicory salad with red onion and celery- ans a parmesan dressing


Simmons sausage roll from this morning.

Actually quite superb.


they are good - sometimes have one for lunch, enhanced with some English mustard


Oooh, that sounds nice. :drooling_face: will have to try that.


Chilli dog whilst watching the superbowl (haven’t much of a clue what’s going on).


Looks good but messy - can we see a pic of your gob afterwards? :laughing:


Actually, can we not.



Spoilsport! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



dining alone today?


Batch cooking day;
Pig’s cheeks into cook low and slow with garlic, chilli, chermoula, butternut squash, sweet pepper, celery, carrots and pearl barley.
And, chicken thighs roasted with chorizo, baby tomatoes and borlotti beans (garlic and chilli obvs)


Filling the freezer for Brexit?


Won’t last that long, I’m afraid (fat cunt that I am), but I have taken to burying tinned food in the garden :+1:


I’ve got some bad news



Ha !
2 of my staff are detectorists (or time-wasting cunts, as I call them).

I know the secrets of secretion. Shit, back to Gillian Anderson again :pleading_face:


@ZiggyMarley ‘s socks?



Some of the comments are comedy gold. :rofl: