Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Best part of the story


A good vet would have that pig back on its feet. :grinning:


this was burnt ends

ribs and shrimp to follow


this was ribs and shrimp


I see what you did there.



making Paneer for the Matar Paneer tonight


The mother of all cheese


Nearly. That’s actually haloumi.


I know, my pun was neither quite correct nor funny.


Found some Reblochon at Narelle’s old place of work (https://www.granarydeli.co.uk/) so there was no choice but to make a Tartiflette.
To be served with fantastic, locally sourced Pork Chops.

Pics to follow.


Spuds, bacon and cheese???



What’s not to like :grin:


There was no criticism from me. It is all win obviously.


I just love the fact that you consider it a side dish rather than the main focus of the meal.


maybe the pork chops are the side dish.


We often have it (when we have decent fromage) with a bowl of salad but it’s cold and it’s all about comfort.



Making Chicken Dopiaza with basmati rice and aubergine fritters tonight.



Doing some sort of Korean inspired sea food stir-fry with noodles. I have some properly funky Kimchi that has been in the fridge for a couple of months and will use that with some Gochujang, veg and stuff. Not at all authentic and the kids will hate it but I shall learn something. :joy: