Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Fucking three fucking pounds and cunting forty-nine cunting pence more than that plate of fucking bollocks was fucking worth given the fucking state of those scrambled dog’s eggs. Fucker!


How diplomatic of you to use dog food rather than cat food as your example. A diplomatic post overseas is still not beyond you.


Fuck diplomacy.


Yes yes we’ve all seen your skills in action on PFM :kissing_smiling_eyes:



1st time. Will definitely make again


Ooh, that would go down well in our house, maybe minus the capers. Will have a think what to replace them with, if anything. :thumbsup:


They do change quite a bit fried like that

It worked out as less than £3.50 a serving even getting expensive pine nuts on way home:stuck_out_tongue:


Less than three pounds fucking fifty.


They’re little green lumps. Ellie would leave them on principle, possibly Claire too. Lauren would probably be ok with them though.


They go brown and crispy

Prob wouldn’t jump out from the pine nuts

Could get separately and sprinkle on top anyway. They’re just stirred in at the end


Will give it a go. They might like them, and if not, they’ll like everything else.



I just mashed the sauce up in mortar and pestle btw. Worked well.




We’re at Pete’s local pizza place - yummy!




Yard in Harpenden? been there a few times…




got a Turan delivery coming…