Pork scratchings


Should pass their claimed emission standards :smirk:


A real meat man’s Porsche


The Chinese Cayman. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the badge. :nerd_face:


The rear end is neater :smirk:



You mean this.


Yes. A better arse than a Cayman.



Bonkers! Shame they won’t let me buy one… :cry:


Lol, “you’re not on the list”, eh? I guess you can pick up a flipped one for extra £150k…

It does look insane! Nearly 700hp 2wd :crazy_face:


Exactly, I’ve not bought the requisite 3 Panameras/Cayennes per year for the last 5 years to qualify… :triumph:


Not Porsche, but reminds me of a pleasant drive round Hertfordshire I went on at the end of last year…


You mean when your arse was making similar noises to those wastegates? :rofl:


Again not Porker, but this seems to be the fast car thread now. Koenigsegg have gone and made something of a mockery of the Bugatti Chiron and its recent 0-400-0 time last month:




Just fitted a cold air induction kit like this: (not my photo, but looks exactly the same) and a BMC air filter for little bit more of that porky noise. :smiley:

It’s definitely a little fruitier, especially when giving it some beans.


Nice one!
I bet that sounds great.


Just a little more snarly, nothing obnoxious. Part of it is capping off the helmholz resonator which is used to help quieten it in stock form. The silicone replacement pipe gets rid of the y-pipe and the silver cap covers the hole.


Phono stage or car engine?